Clay Form, our school art studio is located closed to the Keramikos Archeological site and has been there since 2012. Greek ceramic art is an important milestone for global ceramic art history. Contemporary Greek ceramic art has unique features and is known for its internationally renowned ceramists, we are glad to say that some of those are among the instructional team of Clay Forms workshops.

Pleasant weather in Athens allows visitors to enjoy their stay almost all year round. Our comfortable and bright art studio with a view over the area acts as an inspiration for those attending our workshops.

The Keramikos area was named after the most significant graveyard of ancient Athens. The origins of the name are from the age-old settlement of the potters (“kerameis”), who occupied the area along the banks of the river Eridanos.

The “kerameis” settled at the Keramikos area because of the rich clay soil found around the tiny Eridanos, which was suitable for pottery making. Eridanos, still flowing today through this archaeological site, had vanished for centuries, buried under 8 to 9-meter under the ground level. The river remained buried until 1960 and was discovered after excavations were conducted in the area.

Later, the Keramikos area and the neighboring area of Votanikos became part of an industrial zone;  today, they are inhabited mostly by artists and all types of Athens residence, while also being home to museums, galleries, art spaces and several bars and restaurants. It is only two metro stations away from the center of Athens, and the nearest subway station is just 200 meters away from the art studio.

General Approach

Ceramic art, as the oldest art form to ever exist, allows you to connect to all forms of visual art, because these co-exist, involving the same materials; it acts as a bridge across the ages, connecting traditional art with innovative art, craft arts with visual arts and applied ceramic. By using those unique features found in clay, and by examining its different products across the ages, you can express new concepts, re-discover tradition…


In these courses, you are taught by ceramic instructors who are specialized in teaching adults. The courses are for both beginners and intermediate learners, Greeks or people from abroad who speak English and want to learn this art form in an analytic and methodical way. Classes are formed in a way that everyone can find their own style of modern expression through special tasks, experimentation and designs…

Year-round courses

from October to June. In these we analyze all techniques, and with special tasks, experimentation and designing, the learner is able to give a personal touch to every theme. The basic cycle of studies is completed in 3 years. Foreign learners are accepted in special courses designed according to the level of those interested. Clay and other materials are not provided. For more information, see COURSES…

Intensive themed workshops

lasting for 6 days. In the intensive workshops, our experienced ceramic instructors provide you with a theoretical approach or meaningful insight that emphasize on a technique or a crafting process in a specially designed curriculum. These courses last for 6 hours a day plus 2 extra hours of free-sculpting workshops. These courses are both for foreign and Greek people speaking English and Greek.

Our Teachers