We promote communication among the students, the forging of friendships leading to beautiful moments, all contribute to a better learner performance during courses by the end, pleasant memories will travel back with you, just like your creations that will decorate your homes. Our motto is that ceramic art connects people and that it needs an open mind and open eyes for it to work.

For those coming from abroad for the moment accomodation is not included. During the workshop a tour guide can be arrange for tour to the sites of the Keramikos archaeological site, the Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis Museum etc depending on the season. In addition , we can always recommend art exhibitions taking place in Athens and other sights related with art, music and nightlife spots. 

Themed workshops always begin Monday mornings, which means it would be best for you to book your stay beginning on Sunday. They always end on Saturday nights, so you can arrange your return on Sunday. For those interested, there may be two or more consecutive workshops you can attend.

Your stay at the hotel begins after 12.00 midday on Sundays. Sunday evenings are free for you to take walks and tours around Athens. Courses begin at 10.00 on Mondays and end at 16.00, with a lunch break at 13.00. Instructions on how to get to these workshops will be sent via e-mail. After the six-hour workshop, there will be free-sculpting workshops for two more hours for those of you who want to complete their works of art. You have the evenings free to take walks or enjoy dinner.

The same schedule runs every day apart from the day we visit an archaeological site or a guided museum tour; at the same time, our ceramics will be firing, so as to be ready for painting the next day.

Interesting events are organized in Athens all the time, including art exhibitions, museums, galleries, as well as visits to ceramist art studios.

We can also recommend the best restaurants to you, serving the most delicious Greek food and wine, suitable for all budgets.

On the last day, we can all have a happy farewell dinner together.