The exhibition “Clay stories” is organized every two years by Clay Form Sculpture with different thematic approaches.

This year, the theme of “Clay Stories 2018” was

“Container and Content”.

In this specific exhibition, the artist is asked to express the two-way relationship between the total with the subtotal and the subject with the object. The container desires to break the limits of its body and reveal to us its relation with the subject -the Content- an interrelated and perpetual relation with active and dynamic communication.

Are there indeed, dark or internal areas, or just areas, which we won’t be able to see their light, until we make way for them?

The exhibition took place in Melanithros art gallery from 13 to 30 of June 2018. Clay form sculpture group and Terractiva group Greece organized it and 25 ceramic artists took part which are:

Brenda Ulrichsen
Αnastasopoulos Basilis
Αntonaropoulou Evgenia | Terractiva
Αpostolaki Katerina
Ballianatou Dimitra
Galigalidis Theodore| Terractiva
Destouni Anthia
Dikaioulia Alin
Drapaniotou Mirka | Terractiva
Ioannou Maggie | Terractiva
Katsigiannis George
Latoufi Katerina
Livathinou Nancy | Terractiva
Malakasioti Katerina
Metaxa Fani
Michopoulou Marilena | Terractiva
Mpakli Katerina
Natzari Leon Nelli | Terractiva
Papailia Lia | Terractiva
Patselis Altin | Terractiva
Perakis Stavros
Sofianopoulou Elli | Terractiva
Stathopoulou Helen | Terractiva
Stavrou Dimitra
Stratigaki Foula | Terractiva
Tsigonia Anna

Many beloved colleagues and friends of ceramic art visited our exhibition and therefore the exhibition got extended for one more week.

Next “Clay Stories” will take place in June of 2020.

“Clay stories” marks the beginning of a new collaboration with artists from Beirut, Lebanon, starting with the new creative year 2018-2019.

To that end, “Clay stories” will enrich its creative expression in a new special art gallery in Beirut with ceramists and sculptures from Lebanon.


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