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Clay Form, our school art studio is located closed to the Keramikos Archeological site and has been there since 2012. Greek ceramic art is an important milestone for global ceramic art history. Contemporary Greek ceramic art has unique features and is known for its internationally renowned ceramists, we are glad to say that some of those are among the instructional team of Clay Forms workshops.

Pleasant weather in Athens allows visitors to enjoy their stay almost all year round. Our comfortable and bright art studio with a view over the area acts as an inspiration for those attending our workshops.

Upcoming Ceramic Courses – Workshops & Exhibitions

Hand building Techniques

22 – 26 October 2018

Marilena Michopoulou

Mold Seminar

23 – 24 January 2019

Altin Patseli

Raku Seminar

10-13 April 2019

Theodore Galigalidis, Marilena Michopoulou

Paper kiln-Bukero Seminar

24 – 26 May 2019

Helias Christopoulos

Full season Ceramic Art Courses

Ceramic Sculpting Form & Decorative Techniques

9 months courses October – June

Teaching Marilena Michopoulou

In this course, the learner sets forth to acquire the foundations of ceramic art, moves on to the understanding of the form mass, the development of level design, setting the model to a scale, as well as inspecting ceramic art techniques with a realistic and a reductive approach.

Courses on Design & Application Methodology

9 months courses October – June

Teaching Marilena Michopoulou

This is a course for intermediate ceramic art learners aiming at acquiring a special approach to ceramic art, seeking their own personal expression. Courses include: – Practical application of learners’ designs, after discussion with the instructors as to their design…

Classic Sculpture Studies Course

9 months courses October – June

Teaching Altin Patcelis

This course offers a fusion of ceramic and sculpting arts, clearing the learner’s mind of taboos about materials and freeing their forms and molds. These courses delve into the design of the human head and body to a regular size, with or without the use of a model, while aiming at the…

Pottery Wheel Courses

9 months courses October – June

Teaching Stavros Perakis

Insight into all the ceramic art techniques involving the pottery wheel, including practices, techniques, styles and use of materials. After taught how to pull a cylinder and throw a bowl on the wheel, learners are able to keep their best works of art…

Our Teachers