Lia Papailia is a ceramist and a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, department of decorative arts.

Member of the Οnassis Scholars’ Association
Member of the Art Therapy Association of Greece
Founding member of the Artists-Potters Association of Northern Greece (S.K.A.K.B.E.)

Graduated from Hastings College of Arts and Technology (Ceramics department).
Academic years 1981-1982/ 1982-1983 in Hastings, England.

Specialization degree in Ceramic Art (Gres and Porcelain), awarded by the National Institute of Ceramic Art “Gaetano Ballardini”, in Faenza, Italy. Academic years: 1991- 1993.

Studied at the Open University of England, Departments of “Art History” and “Science History”. Academic years: 1998 – 1999 and 1999 – 2000.

Graduated from the 4-year Master’s training course in “Art Psychotherapy”, at the Center of Art and Psychotherapy. Academic years: 2004-2008.


  1. 2004 Participated in the training seminar “Training motivators on work issues” as part of the “EQUAL” European rehabilitation program. Duration: 40 hours.
  2. 2006 Attended the vocational program “Incentives for developing the efficiency of services that provide support to socially marginalized groups.” Duration: 150 hours. Organized by the School of Psychology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  3. 2006 Attended the seminar “Theory and experiential learning in group dynamics.” Duration: 100 hours. Organized by the Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals (ΚΕΤΗΕΑ).

Editorial Work

  1. Member of the authorial team that wrote the Pottery coursebook for the Technical Vocational School (TEE). Book presentation in Conferences. Published by Pedagogiko Institouto Publications – School Book Publishing Organization. Athens. 2005.
  2. 10th European Conference for the Rehabilitation and Narcotics Policy. Posted announcement. Topic: Training in the protected workshops of the Therapeutic Program ITHAKI (TH.P. ITHAKI), 2005.
    The lab as the foundation of the Artistic Thought.
    Proposal: “Working with engopes, glaze stains and clay.”
    Organized the pottery workshop. September 2005.
  4. Art Therapy Symposium. Proposal: “Art in the recovery of individuals with a ‘dual diagnosis’” and presentation of a case. November, 2009.
  5. Monothematic Panhellenic Psychiatry Conference.
    Dependence. Comorbidity. Prevention and therapy.
    Proposal: “Approaching the creativity of dependent individuals under recovery through art education.” March 2010
    Topic: Homo habilis – homo aestheticus. June 2011
  7. One-day seminar by the Art Therapists Association of Greece. Instructed the workshop “With a piece of clay”.

Work Experience

1/2/1984 – 30/6/1985: Ceramist educator at the ceramic classes of the Prefectural Committee of Popular Education, Thessaloniki.

1/1/1986 –31/1/1988: Ceramics laboratory supervisor at the “Ithaki” Therapeutic Program of the National Welfare Organization (E.O.P.).

1/2/1998 – 2014: Ceramics laboratory supervisor at TH.P. “Ithaki” of the Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals, department of Production Units.

Registered as a trainer at the National Accreditation Center for Continuing Vocational Training, Standard Classification of Occupations number: 7541-EA07369