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Thodoris Galigalidis – Ceramist
Marilena Michopoulou – Ceramist
April 2022


Raku is a Japanese firing technique at low temperatures, directly connected to the Zen philosophy and developed due to the ritual of tea-making, “chanoyu”. Nowadays, its contemporary Western version is taught, using reductive firing, as it was developed in the course of history in 1911 by the famous British ceramist and instructor Bernard Leach, who was taught in Japan and disseminated his knowledge across the Western world.

Thodoris Galigalidis, specializing in reductive techniques, teaches the application of reductive firing with the use of glazes, naked raku, smoked ceramics, pit firing, and terra sigillata raku in distinct workshops that seek the best approach to all these techniques.

Participants can create their works during free workshop time, following the instructions given, while personally contacting the teacher via e-mail and Skype during the courses. Individual help or advice needed for carrying out any given task can be provided by Marilena Mihopoulou or by the instructing staff supervising the workshop.

While being taught about the glazes and using the kiln, those learners who decide to attend the workshop on this wonderful technique will be able to craft their own creations along with the instructor, by actively participating in the firing process and the reductions.

 This workshop is available to both participants of Clay Forms and anyone else interested, as long as they possess a good knowledge of the basic principles of ceramic art.

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