In these courses, you are taught by ceramic instructors who are specialized in teaching adults. The courses are for both beginners and intermediate learners, Greeks or people from abroad who speak English and want to learn this art form in an analytic and methodical way.

Classes are formed in a way that everyone can find their own style of modern expression through special tasks, experimentation and designs.

The annual curriculum is shaped by two kinds of courses:

Α. Year-round courses from October to June. In these we analyze all techniques, and with special tasks, experimentation and designing, the learner is able to give a personal touch to every theme.

The basic cycle of studies is completed in 3 years. Foreign learners are accepted in special courses designed according to the level of those interested. Clay and other materials are not provided. For more information, see COURSES.

Β. Intensive themed workshops lasting for 6 days. In the intensive workshops, our experienced ceramic instructors provide you with a theoretical approach or meaningful insight that emphasize on a technique or a crafting process in a specially designed curriculum. These courses last for 6 hours a day plus 2 extra hours of free-sculpting workshops.

These courses are both for foreign and Greek people speaking English and Greek. Necessary materials are provided (i.e. clay and pigments). For more information, see  WORKSHOPS